Meet Me in the Lobby

Lila’s [lee-lahs] n
1. ancient literary language of play, sport, diversion 2. a lounge-style hotel bar with a Hollywood glam aesthetic, serving as a living room for the city; 3. a destination for travelers, but also a treasured hideaway for local regulars, offering an art gallery, a seasonal outdoor patio, and a live entertainment space all overlooking Rochester, NY’s Neighborhood of Play.

Open Daily


Martini Hour Monday–Friday, 3pm–6pm

$1 Oysters

Lila’s is an all-day work and play meeting oasis for office dodgers and the perfect socializing spot for an after-work schmooze, date, happy hour, or nightcap. When the warmth of the summer fades to our cooler seasons, the lobby fireplace roars and the seats surrounding it are in high demand.

Lila’s accomplished cocktail and beverage stewards serve seasonal cocktails, playful small plates, and timeless appeal.

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Artwork by Kurt Ketchum